The Performers

The Band

Nehemiah Adjei

is our newest band member. He has been a part of the band since 2018. Nehemiah loves music, playing drums, playing piano, and singing. As part of the band, he plays drums and sings. Nehemiah is in his 20’s. He enjoys reading and drawing. He attends Hope Services Day Program. Nehemiah’s favorite team is in basketball, The Golden State Warriors. Being a part of the band makes him feel good! He likes jamming with our band. Nehemiah rocks out with the band. His rhythm, dance moves and smile are infectious!

Ravi Ayer

has been in the band for over four years. He likes biking, running, and taking hikes. Ravi is in his 20’s. Tennis is his game! He is in Special Olympics and plays tennis and has won three gold medals over the past few years. Ravi likes playing tennis and working out in Los Gatos. He regularly takes piano and tennis lessons. Ravi enjoys watching Tennis and is also a San Jose Sharks fan. Being in the band brings Ravi happiness while practicing with his friends, and really enjoys performing in front of an audience.

Michele Breckenridge

is one of our multi-talented members. She plays tambourine, drums, timbales, bells and has some amazing dance moves. Michele has been in the band since its beginning, in 2008. She is in her 50’s. Michele is a lifetime learner at College of Adaptive Arts. She is also a retired employee from Safeway. Michele is an avid Oakland A’s fan, where she was a 15-year ticket holder. She is a Bay Area native. Michele is a longtime coin collector. She likes performing, making music while having fun and being in the band makes her happy.

Josephine Cortez

is one of our vocals in the band. She has been in the band since it began in 2008. Josephine is known as “Josie” to her friends. She is in her 50’s. Josie likes dancing when listening to good music. Josie likes playing video/board games, and shopping. She is partial to tennis when it comes to sports and her favorite athlete is Serena Williams. Josie adores dogs and cats. She has a few incredibly special four-legged friends for companions that bring her much happiness. Josie finds joy in practicing, singing, and performing with the band.

Ashley Cousino

is one of our vocalists that has been in the band since its beginning, 2008. She is in her 20’s. Ashley loves performing and spending time with her family and friends. She is competitive and loves sports! Ashley is an all-around athletic in Special Olympics of Northern California. College of Adaptive Arts is where you will find her as a lifelong learner. It should be no surprise that two of Ashley’s best friends (Tony and Jenni) are in this amazing band. Being a member of the band brings her happiness and fulfillment.

Emma Fluhr-Resendes

is in her 20’s and has been in the band since 2011. She is one of our vocalists. Emma enjoys dancing, watching TV, talking with friends, taking walks and hiking. She is a local sports fan, specifically, The San Jose Sharks! Emma finds joy in swimming, bowling, and basketball. She likes to attend amusement parks, concerts, sport events, plays, and overnight summer camps. Emma bowls with “Go-Getters” and performs with “Angels on Stage” and cannot wait for the pandemic to end. She loves being in the band, performing together, sharing music, and illuminating music.

Andrew Wilson

has been part of the band since 2009. He shares his many talents with the band by playing drums, lead guitar, and bass. On rare occasions, we get to hear his voice. Andrew is in his early 20s. He attends Ohlone Community College and works part-time. He likes to watch YouTube music videos. Before the pandemic, Andrew loved going to San Francisco and exploring Pier 39. He loved watching the Golden State Warriors basketball games. Andrew enjoys getting together with the band and feels gifted, thankful, and proud to jam with our band.

Chi-Ling Wu

is our newest band member. He has returned, after being away for some time. Chi-Ling is in his 30’s. He plays a variety of instruments. Currently, he is focusing on playing bass. He takes an assortment of lessons for playing percussion, piano, composition, music, and Chinese instruments. Chi-Ling is an active participant in FCSN/Friends of Children with Special Needs Day Program in South San Jose. He enjoys playing X-box, Play Station, computer games and musical instruments. In the world of Special Olympic competition, you will find Chi-Ling involved in swimming, ice hockey, basketball, and golf.

Jonathan Oxley

is one of the original band members, of 2008. In his free time, he prefers bowling and going to the movies. Jonathan is in his 30’s. His interests are mainly music and art events. Jonathan likes the holiday season, spending time with family and good friends, and participating in festive parties. When at home, you will often find him playing with Kramer, his dog “Buddy”. Johnathan is active in his community supporting downtown San Jose. Being in the band and performing makes Jonathan happy. His best friend is also his “sweetheart” is Jenni Pencer.

Jenni Pencer

has been in the band since 2009 and is one of our vocalists. She is in her 30’s. Jenni has fun dancing, watching TV, talking with friends, and listening to music. She is a San Francisco sports fan, rooting for the 49ers and the Giants! Jenni is a veteran athletic in Special Olympics of Northern California and attends College of Adaptive Arts. Jenni’s bond of friendships met with Ashley and Katie. When asked about being a member of our band, she stated, “I LOVE IT” and the people in it. “I MISS THEM!”

Patrick Powers

has been in the band since it began in 2008. He is our most senior band member. Patrick is in his 60’s. He enjoys watching football and his team is the San Francisco 49ers. He likes listening to music for fun. He also takes pleasure in singing. Patrick’s favorite song is “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver. You should look forward to hearing him perform this song at one of our gigs or concerts. Patrick is known as “Pat” to his family and friends. Being in the band makes him feel happy.

Tony Salazar

has been in the band since its launch in 2008. He has so many incredible skills, like playing keyboard, accordion, and lead vocals. Tony is in his 30’s. He has fun performing and being with his musical family. Tony has found a best friend in the band, Ashley. Prior to Covid-19, you could find Ashley and Tony practicing for hours and having fun! He is a member of Hope Services. Tony has performed for NBA Warriors & SF Giants. He is proud to be a member of this band and share joy through music.