new hope band members

We believe the world is better for everyone when people with disabilities are fully integrated into our community and culture.


The New Hope Band is a rock band in San Jose, comprised of individuals with special needs, including autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. We play a wide range of music from the 1950’s to today, with a talented band and singers. Our music brings inspiration and joy to our audiences as well as enriching our lives!

New Hope Band performers range in age from adolescents to adults. Each member loves music and is inspired by performing. We are focused on our unique strengths, abilities and talents. Every performer has the potential to maximize their musical ability. Over the many years of being together, our band has become our musical family. This has allowed us to create lasting friendships and respect for one another.

From 2008 to 2015, we were known as The Magic Makers Band. In 2016, we reached for new horizons and became “The New Hope Band.” Our band members will be very familiar to you if you ever had the opportunity to enjoy the Magic Makers music. The New Hope Band plans to continue to make music as it has in past years.

We have shared our music all over California, from Sacramento to Los Angeles, from small benefits to large events. Our songs bring back memories, as well as enjoyment. We believe music helps us grow and inspire while feeding our souls!

We’re grateful to Hope Services for the work we do together that improves the lives of people with developmental disabilities and share Hope Services’ vision to promote a common understanding that the world is a better place when people with disabilities are fully integrated and accepted in all aspects of our culture.

Learn more about Hope Services here.


Netta Anderson, President

Deepak Wilson, Secretary

Maureena Craig, Treasurer



Hannah Smalltree, Director

Hannah volunteers as Band Director. She’s a part-time singer and a marketing VP for a technology startup in data and analytics software. Hannah has a lifelong love of music, evident in her deep soulful voice and dynamic live performances. She also plays ukulele, percussion and the occasional kazoo. “New Hope rehearsals are a highlight of my week.” Hannah says. You can learn more on her website, HannahSmalltree.com, and find her music on Youtube and SoundCloud.


Tyler Mauro, Assistant Director

Ty is a multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter. He was born and raised in San Jose. Ty is trained in drums and anything percussion, studying various world music such as African and Latin. He teaches music and is a professional drummer. Some of the artists he has played for include American Idol’s James Durban and Lupe Fiasco. Ty has a degree in firefighting.  He is very happy to be brought on board to help, mentor and support The New Hope Band. Ty loves the talent and passion that each band member has when they are performing


Kian Lechner, Support Assistant

Kian is a graduate of Saint Francis High School and is studying biological science at West Valley College. He plans to become an emergency room doctor.  He learned to play guitar in ninth grade. A friend introduced Kian to The New Hope Band. Kian started attending and continues to be present to support the band and its directors. He loves strumming his guitar, playing basketball or making short films with his friends. “It’s been a complete privilege watching the performers grow over the last year, and he thrilled to see what they will do next year!” Kian says.