About Us



The New Hope Band is a rock band in San Jose, California, comprised of individuals with special needs, including autism, down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. We play a wide range of music from the 1950’s to today, with a talented band and singers. Our music brings inspiration and joy to our audiences as well as enriching our lives!

The New Hope Band performers range in age from adolescents to adults. Each member loves music and is inspired by performing. We are focused on our unique strengths, abilities and talents. Every performer has the potential to maximize their musical ability. Over the many years of being together, our band has become our musical family. This has allowed us to create lasting friendships and respect for one another.

From 2008 – 2015, we were known as The Magic Makers Band. In 2016, we reached for new horizons and became “The New Hope Band.” Our band members will be very familiar to you if you ever had the opportunity to enjoy the Magic Makers music. The New Hope Band plans to continue to make music as it has in past years.

We have shared our music all over California, from Sacramento to Los Angeles, from small benefits or large events. Our songs bring back memories, as well as enjoyment. We believe music helps us grow and inspire while feeding our souls!

We appreciate our supporters and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please provide them on our Contact Us page. Feel free to check out our Letter to friends and supporters for more information.


Thank you!