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Our Consolidated Amazon Equipment Wishlist
When we formed the New Hope Band, we walked away with only our band members. Our equipment and funds were not given back to us. We began with no reserves in terms of equipment or cash. We are very fortunate to have some parents chip in and buy some equipment. We are currently borrowing equipment from friends and families of the band. Right now, we have borrowed very good quality equipment for our performances. What we don’t have is basic equipment for our weekly practices. Although, the families help us by bringing in their equipment for every practice, this consumes valuable time in terms of loading, set-up, take-down and reloading.

Our Needs
We need to have a set of basic equipment that stays on site for our practices. This will help us quickly set-up and take-down, thereby saving us all valuable time. In addition, we can reduce the chance of equipment failure or damage caused by transporting. Here is how you can help:

We own 5 microphones. We need 3 more.
We prefer the Shure SM58 mic’s for their quality.



Microphone Cables
All our microphone cables are borrowed. We need to have our own mic cables, this will help us with setup and take down for practice and performances. We would need 25 ft XLR cables.



Click on the Amazon Wish List icon for our Consolidated Amazon Wish List. We are grateful for any purchases you are able to provide. Thank You in Advance!