The NewHopeBand is looking for a Part-Time Assistant Music Director. Details of the position is listed below. Click here for a PDF version of the Job Description

The New Hope Band Assistant Music Director/Job Description
Job Title: Band Director
Pay: Hourly Rate
Part-Time position

The Director will demonstrate a strong commitment to the band members while assisting them in developing and implementing musical elements designed to enhance their abilities. He/She will provide leadership in creating and encouraging musicians to develop their talents through participation in various capacities.

The Director will possess a developed knowledge of a range of music along with demonstrated competence vocally and instrumentally. Leadership, initiative, team building, positive coaching, patience, understanding of special needs and flexibility are all required skills.

RESPONSIBILITIES (included but not limited to)

  • Provide leadership and direction
    • Rehearsals/Practices
    • Concerts/Performances
    • Concert Themes
    • Appropriate Song Selection
    • Audition Process for instrumental band/vocalist opportunities.
  • Assist with weekly tasks
    • Produce song lists
    • Create and distribute appropriate lyrics for songs
    • Use gestures to shape music being played, communicate desired tempo, tone, pitch and volume in order to enhance performance.
    • Direct the band at rehearsals, live or recorded performances in order to achieve harmonic balance, rhythm and tempo.
    • Assist with planning and scheduling of rehearsals and performances.
    • Consider ensemble abilities, size and variety for music to be performed.
    • Position members within groups to provide balance.
    • Assign and review with soloists, duets, trios and band members
    • Plan and implement Annual Concert based on a specific theme
    • Assist with auditions and selection of members.
    • Collaborate with TNHB Band President for needs, ideas and concerns.
    • Proficient knowledge of music
    • Proficiency with instrumental and vocalist (comfortable leading both)
    • Proficient in leading band rehearsals
    • General knowledge of audition signal flow and sound reinforcement.
    • Ideal candidate will be creative, high energy, hardworking, able to motivate and be positive.
    • Must be reliable and punctual.
    • Must possess solid time management and organizational skills.
    • Must have access to email and phone for communication.
    • Must understand that band members all have different modes of learning.
    • Must be a good communicator.
    • The ability to play complimentary instrument to assist/back-up the band.
    • Have the ability to help with set up and tear down if needed.